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Against Breast Cancer

Baskets of Care breast cancer awarness
Womens Bag Items for Breast Cancer
breast cancer fundraiser
breast cancer awareness nonprofit
breast cancer nonprofit
mens bag for breast cancer awareness and support

Delivering peace of mind during your difficult time.

Welcome to:

Baskets of Care

A 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization, Baskets of Care Inc. provides individuals with breast cancer essential educational and informational  materials, and comfort-care bags.


Our mission is to help women and men diagnosed with breast cancer navigate the confusing and frightening journey toward regaining their physical and emotional wellbeing.


Mission with Purpose

Testimonials about Baskets of Care

"I was very touched by your bag of wonderful gifts as I began my radiation.It was so comforting to know that people I don’t even know have me in their prayers. A great big thank you to all of you, especially for the colorful and warm shawl. I enjoy it so much and appreciate the hours spent on it."

Sincerely, Jill P.

The only organization in the region that provides Comfort Care Bags to people with breast cancer.


Percentage of contributions dedicated to directly assisting others.

13+ Years

Duration of our support to individuals impacted by breast cancer.


Amount of individuals with breast cancer whom we have provided assistance to.


Total funds raised to support individuals affected by breast cancer.

Join Us in Providing Hope: Volunteers Wanted for Knitting, Crocheting, and More! Your Dedication Can Support Lives and Foster Hope for Both Men and Women Fighting Breast Cancer.

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