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Your donation of $60 will provide a Comfort Care Bag to one person who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer in our community. In this year alone, we expect to spend more than $24,000 to provide Comfort Care Bags for up to 400 people in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. The more you give, the more people you will help!

Donations Help

•  Provide comfort care items like a hand knit shawl, handmade pillow to wrap around seatbelt, and drainage tube belts

•  Purchase educational materials including a full sized book on navigating the breast cancer journey and a planning calendar with folio

•  Support educational and uplifting gatherings for breast cancer survivors

womens breast cancer bag items
Mens Bag for breast cancer

Donation Gifts 

•  Make a gift in honor of someone’s cancer journey, birthday or anniversary

•  Make a gift as a memorial to the loved one of your choice.

Join Us in Crafting Hope: Volunteers Wanted for Knitting, Crocheting, and More! Your Dedication Can Illuminate Lives and Foster Hope for Both Men and Women Fighting Breast Cancer.

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